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Discovering me: Slay the giant of insecurity (Part 2)

I feel I want to say that there are many afflictions that come to us that are out of our control; there’s nothing we can really do about them but turn to God, give thanks and be…

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Discovering me: Slay the giant of insecurity (Part 1)

There is nothing humble about not knowing your true identity in God. Jesus is humility personified and He knew His identity as the Son of God and His mission. True Humility is…

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Discovering me: Spiritual narcissism

How much time are we spending staring at God vs ourselves? Even when we are looking at other people’s lives on social media, essentially what we’re doing is staring at ourselves,…

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Discovering me

In Jesus we do not lose our true selves, but we become our true selves, only in Him.

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Just as salt in the hands of one cook can make perfectly salted food, the salt in the hands of a cook in training (ie. me) could lead to destruction.

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No man is an island

Do you remember writing compositions in primary school? The teacher  would either give you an opening statement, an ending phrase or a title to a story and within 40 minutes, you…

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Childlike, not childish

No wonder Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is made of such as these. My prayer now is for Jesus to help me not to be childish, but child-like.

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Came to my rescue :Part 2

Despite the damage she’d done, He’d already paid the damages. A bloody scene it had been for her, a sin hushed about by men. But greater blood had been shed, a Saviour covering…

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Came to my rescue: Part 1

Perceived intimate friendships now looked like what was just the game before the hunt. The cheetah chases down the gazelle and enjoys the run but eventually, it’s only the grass…

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Washing the mud off

Me, myself and I is quite the tough one to face. She knows a whole lot about me; my weaknesses and strengths are listed on flashcards she reads every day. Her criticism cuts deep.…

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