All work and no play…

All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl. In my previous posts, I’ve pretty much narrated my professional experience while there but I wore the tourist cap too! We would work till around 2pm at the hospital, so we had the rest of the afternoon to ourselves, as well as the weekends.

What better ways to have fun than explore the outdoors. This trip helped me confirm my love for nature. I’d definitely prefer a date in the wild than wining and dining at restaurants. Though there’s a place for those too. Hehe! 🙂

Mzumbe University (remember I’d gone for an AIESEC student exchange so that was the university the project was affiliated to) is beautiful. Most students there don’t like the fact that it’s in the rural areas but I kept saying that they are so lucky to have the mountains as their backyard!

Just look at that! The view of Uluguru mountains from Kilimahewa

Kilimahewa is the picnic site within the university compounds that overlooks Uluguru mountains. It felt so surreal. Having a picnic over the sunset was our favorite past-time, as we shared stories and learnt about each other’s culture, especially food. Gervas, a caring friend from AIESEC Mzumbe, brought Sharifu for us. The only way I can describe it is that it looks like a giant samosa. We had some chips mayai that day as well. Delish!

The famous chips mayai (which I tried replicating once I came back home)
Gervas, Maggie, Jason and I at our first picnic at Kilimahewa
Jason learning how to traditionally cover himself with a Maasai blanket

At some point, Jason was describing how they cook and eat chicken testicles in Taiwan! I was half bewildered and half bursting out in laughter at the description! 🙂 

Picnics were for the dainty days though. Some days we went for the hard stuff. Hiking up Uluguru mountains wasn’t a joke. Here, I’ll let the photos by Maggie and the video that Po Yen (Jason) put together do the talking.  

Our diva Laura, paving the way’
Blanca, Maggie and I before the climb
Tony was always excited! Here he’s eating a jackfruit (fenesi)
Waterfall moments with Michael Chacha
Jason challenged me to a rock piling competition!
Can you guess who won?


Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post as I’ll be sharing some very personal lessons I learnt during this journey. Soli deo gloria! #WhileIwasAway #42daysinTanzania