Mueni Muli

Barely breathing (My patient has died Part 2)

Death on the other hand had more up its sleeve to show me. It was third year; I walked into my assigned ward with enthusiasm completely ignoring my colleagues who were camped…

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My patient has died

Many people have asked me how I deal with death in my learning at the hospital. I usually don't know how to respond. But I hope in telling these stories, you'll enter a medics…

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Jesus! Why am I so anxious?

I must admit that my favorite part of the sermon was when the congregation sung along to a short rap I'd written concerning "anxiety situations" that may crop up in life, whether…

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Lessons about life, from death

The irony is, we learn more about life, from death, than we will ever expect.

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The caged bird still sings

Maya Angelou wrote the book, "I know why the caged bird sings." Here, I borrow the same picture of singing bird to elaborate on what freedom really is.

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