“I can’t deny that I had to use real eyes to realize that I had an (eye/I) problem.

Until I visited the (eye/I) doctor,

and he told me that I needed to cross out my me’s,

to cross out my I’s,

and that I’d never be able to see life ,

until I see life cross-eyed…  

  I mean CROSS-eyed,

He changed the way I see.”

The profound statement above sounds so much better said than typed! 😀

It is by Ezekiel Azonwu {who is among my favorite spoken word artists}, in this piece that I highly suggest you watch! 🙂  Ezekiel Azonwu- Identity Crisis of a misfit

It is a clear depiction of what the Healer has been doing to me for the past weeks.  On that note, I’m sorry for my hiatus, though I really think it was healing time. More of hill-ing time, because I had to descend the ME-mountain. A painful but necessary journey.

Not to us, O LORD, not to us, But to Your name give glory Because of Your loving kindness, because of Your truth. -Psalm 115:1 (NIV)
 Human lusts and desires may take the cup when it comes to being the most sought after things. If not money, fame and abounding success..the list is endless. These days it’s all about and never about Him :/


We are too busy hustling on the streets for temporary gold, forgetting the promise of the streets of heavenly gold! – Joy Muli


I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t work while on earth. No. Not at all, the Bible itself does say:

” A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest, and poverty will come upon you like a robber and want like an armed man.”  Proverbs 6:10 (NIV)

It also does mention:


Perhaps its time to get over satisfying ourselves with temporary world pleasures and give ourselves to His treasure.

Here is a piece I wrote back in high school that still resonates with me. Do enjoy.:)


Isn’t it funny how the human mind has created its own gods,

yet the same human mind was designed by one God?

Man has become a slave to the world ;perhaps why God laments in His word.

But how would we know, last time we read the word?

He says that we have gone astray, each one following their own way:

letting our own church clothes fray, living life ‘BIG’ before we decay.

Not a moment do we rest in honor of His name,

too busy chasing money, wealth and fame.

Down to the books we all presume,

is the only way to glory our Lord.

But this we just but assume,

Ignoring His Book, taking no time to study His word.


Think of the hours we spend unending, flipping pages of words descending…

On how this man did this in History, yet the Greatest Of All Men to us is a mystery.

5 minutes I suppose I can talk to Him, then an hour perhaps I can hit the gym.

Building our physical bodies to be giants, yet the Temple of our body is a dwarf: such defiance!

We glory in the world, instead of lifting up Jehovah.

In our study rooms always curled, giving God just the leftover.

We females are the worst at this, we gasp and squeal at the Alpha male,

only to pray to the Alpha and Omega, just when we start feeling pale.

Only mere men do we hail, then cry to God to pay the bail,

from your boyfriends jail of immorality. Oh! The love God has for all humanity!

This young man with a face so fine.

Oh! We just keep wishing that He could be mine.

Building castles of our marriage, let alone our love lives,

forgetting that he who builds on sinking sand, will watch his life crumble out of his hands.


We stare at the mirror and find ourselves so pretty,

but do we for a moment thank the one who gave us beauty?

Took His time, 6 days to be precise,

yet we can’t even just thank Him for being nice.

That He loved us even before we did,

and by His grace we find daily feed!

For sure God is beyond man, deep down that’s what I truly feel.

Because although we do all this, He’s already paid our sin bill.

I won’t condemn nor judge, because He said I shouldn’t,

but I’ll stand here and chant, let’s not wait to say “Why didn’t?”

Why didn’t I praise my Father, yet all my life I could have?

Spent my years going farther, chasing for material things I didn’t have.

Not realizing that important things in life are not really things,

but are the people around us, whom we look down on as just  mere beings.


We call Abraham our father of faith,

yet our own hearts are not circumcised.

Just outward Christian faith appearance,

Raising our hands in church: ”Lord, Hear us!”

Just like the Jews, we sit on pews and listen to the word,

sing “practice what you preach” but do we follow our own words?

We boast of having God’s law, but bring shame by breaking His law.

Keep studying to do law, to judge those against the law..

Yet we ironically expect not to be judged harshly on that day,

when God shall read out all the names in His life book.

Say whether we should stay or be sent away,

for hanging on to the things of the flesh, just like a hook.

It’s time we make our love for Him,

a real love, one of actions,

that slowly fill our empty souls,


Inspired by Luke 6:46-49 and Romans 3:29.

Let us stop trading the creator for the created.

Let Him be at the center of it all.