The Model Doctor #ArtWeekSeries

Today’s scientist-creative is a dear friend of mine. Having both grown up as first-born girls in a family of boys, we have a lot in common. So it wasn’t surprising that we bonded easily in med school; over crazy experiences in the wards, times when our hope was dwindling and good times as well!
She is resolute in her Christianity and I’m honored to be present in her life as God unfolds His plans for her. When He called her to be a model, I was super excited! Her dedication was evident and it paid off as she was crowned Miss Chiromo that year.
Carrying herself with grace and poise, she shines His light brightly, even in an area of art that many Christians are wary of. Modelling. Perfect definition of beauty both inside and outside!
Speaking of which, isn’t her hair just goals? 🙂

“A creative? Are you kidding me?”

I know it might come as a shocker to many people( ok, maybe not so many) but I basically spent the better part of my young life having such thoughts govern my mind. And to some extent, I still struggle with that. Consolidating just this one piece of writing was such a hustle that I had actually given up. Thank God for patient and insistent Joy Mueni who did not allow me to back out. And so, here I am, sharing the little I know.

I grew up in a rather good household with an amazing family, something I don’t take for granted. But somehow, in all of it, I embraced the idea that creativity and I were not compatible.

And so it was. I was satisfied with being a doctor for the rest of my life( well, this has its own story) and suffering the ‘reality’ that I was boring and could not possibly have any creativity.

In fact, this mentality crippled even my interaction with people, especially dudes. Yeeaahh, my high school life stunk. I wasn’t those creative girls with exquisite handwriting and an amazing sense of calligraphy, writing poetry to their dear beloved boyfriends in our brother school.

Nope! I was the bookworm, hiding behind the veil of serious, to cover up for my own limiting idea of how non-creative I was. And sure, I would be the best in academics. That would certainly compensate some honour for my boring, little non-creative self!

Well, you might have figured this out… It didn’t. I was the best, consecutively, but I was suffering. I was not letting the full me come out. I eventually cleared high school and the dilemma was clearly evident.

How does life move on, when you have no creativity of your own to start a conversation, decide on your fashion sense or even just be you?

Of course that meant a whole lot of tough lessons on self-confidence, embracing myself and loving on me, even on my what-I-deemed-non-creative self. Slowly my creative self started coming out… And that was a shocker.

Kumbe, I could also be creative” is what I remember exclaiming to myself when someone would compliment my fashion sense or when someone would laugh at my avid and talkative story telling moments 🙂 Oh, how liberating it feels to be myself.. (Imagines that she has her eyes closed and her imaginary long hair is being whipped around by the wind as she stands on the sea shore! I wish I had a picture but that will suffice, won’t it? 🙂 )

Some pointers for what I am continually learning;

(PS: I’m no guru in this area but this is what I have to share from my personal experience.)

  1. God created us to all be creatives:

It is a lie from the pits of hell that you are not creative. It might be in the smallest of things but there is creativity still expressed. It most definitely differs with the talents and practice put into the area of creativity but there is a basic minimum level of creativity. I guess that’s why we were all forced to create compositions and insha’s in primary (I loathed both oh so very dearly…who else did?)

2. Creativity is an expression of who you are from within and so it’s unique:

It’s hardly copying what another person is doing and mainly trying to find a way to express your inward self (which might be in a way similar to someone else’s) . This calls for a degree of self-acceptance and self-love; to allow yourself to produce a creative product regardless of other people’s critique. Also trying and realising what you enjoy creating/doing and what you don’t is part of the process. Allow yourself a period of self-discovery!

3. There are many untapped ways of being creative.

I recently learnt of Art Therapy! Had you ever known of anything like it? Well;

Art Therapya form of  expressive therapy involving the encouragement of free self-expression through painting, drawing, or modelling, used as a remedial or diagnostic activity. The creative process of making art is used to improve a person’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Would you look at that! Killing two birds( bird of creation and bird of psychotherapy) with one stone.

There’s more than one way of expressing yourself… painting, drawing, modelling, cooking, knitting, swimming, singing, story-telling, writing, making different bed designs, cloth hanging, house decor, ironing…Gosh, the list is endless (and I’m sure I’ve left out many more. Kindly comment below other creative endeavours. I’ll sure give it a try!) Now all that is left is for you to find your fit!


4. Creativity is supposed to be fun.

And it is fun. Well not all the time, especially when trying to learn the skill or improve the skill. Most especially when it’s your source of income. It sure doesn’t feel like fun all the time but it shouldn’t not be fun. This takes me to the next point.

5. An enemy of fun is pressure from either yourself or society where standard and quality is concerned.

Of course, no one wants to be sub-standard, but laying pressure upon yourself only works to reduce the quality and fun of the process. Yes, it’s not easy but it’s a balance we all need to attain. Take a step at a time perfecting the creativity that you draw from within. It surely takes time and most certainly few value creativity that is not perfect but soon enough it will be good enough. 🙂

6. Comparison Kills!

It’s a song by Jonathan McReynolds (and that’s how you pitch for your favourite musician). And it’s true. It kills. Take time off social media, away from people and get to hear what you want to say without having to wonder if it is like theirs. Kill comparison before it kills you. 🙂

I am Mary Gitau, a 4th year medical student at the University of Nairobi. I am a growing creative with my main interests being fashion, modelling, crocheting and music. I have a sweet tooth so you’ll never go wrong with ice-cream or Cadbury chocolate(a shameless plugin for my birthday that passed, but every day is a day to celebrate others. 😉 )I really love God and hope to be a true Christian daily.

Guys, isn’t she lovely! Which of the points that she shared has resonated the most with you? Do tell in the comments. While you are at it, watch this video of Mary’s modelling so far . 🙂