Triple C: Carrot Cake and Custard

Carrot cake!  It’s among my favorites since I love spices. Especially when it’s moist and the blend of cinnamon and nutmeg is just right. For this Taste and See episode, I baked with my aunt Bilha and Njeri, our amazing photographer.

Teamwork makes the dream work. Bilha grated the carrots as I prepared the other ingredients.

Quick tip: While beating the eggs into the sugar and oil (I prefer using vegetable oil), make sure you give it a good beating until the mixture gets a bit firm and foamy. Without an electric beater, this may be quite hard but you could consider it arm day for your biceps! Hehe…I kid.

Speaking of teamwork…relationships-marriage…marriage-submission-respect….all these seem to come up while talking about marriage, some perceived in a not so positive light. We agreed that we’d definitely need some more enlightenment on what submission really is, for we had so many definitions and ideas of it, yet we weren’t really sure what the Biblical intention is.

I remarked that Sarah did call Abraham ‘master’ at some point and to be honest, I don’t know if I can imagine calling my future husband that. Or is it that we have become too opinionated as women to be submissive wives? On that note, is there anything as being TOO opinionated as a Christian woman? (Please share your responses in the comments as we’d love to know!)

One thing to note is that instead of using buttermilk or normal milk, we used Sour milk (Maziwa mala). I’ve found that each time I use it, the cakes turn out really moist. I honestly don’t know the science behind it but trust me, it works!

Here’s a link to the recipe we used.  Though honestly, I have a habit of not following measurements or ingredients to the letter. Or rather, I’m among those who pour something in and wait for the ancestors to whisper when I should stop. Hehe! 🙂

That reminds me, just the way a recipe is a set of standards and rules that dictate the steps one should take to get a great outcome, what do you think about parents’ dictating which religion their children follow? Should parents let their children explore different religions while young? Or should parents actively influence the religion that their children should embrace? This came up after we were chatting about inter-religion marriages and how these could bring great confusion to a child’s life, as well as to the marriage in terms of submission principles etc.

Until we buy baking tins and parchment paper, we shall use the trusted aluminium pans (ie. sufuria.) To avoid the cake from sticking to the sides, apply some margarine evenly inside the sufuria then dust it with a coat of flour. Though we had a slight mishap with our cake…hehe… I turned over the sufuria and it didn’t fall out. I had to bang the bottom severally for it to get unstuck.

We made some custard to accompany the cake using store-bought custard powder.

How to make custard? Very simple!

  1. Combine custard powder and milk in a small jug. Stir until smooth.
  2. Place custard mixture, sugar and milk in a small saucepan over medium-low heat, stirring constantly until custard comes to the boil and thickens.

The cake turned out great! (Though our custard was a bit lumpy.) One recipe down, many more to go. Hope you’re motivated to try it out. If you do, share it with the hashtag #TasteandSee

Watch this timelapse video of the entire process, as you jam to Taste and See by Travis Greene.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.”

Psalm 34:8 (NIV)