Why Taste and See?

I remember this day as if it was yesterday. I mean, I love samosas and my late friend, Cindy Wakio (whom I wrote a tribute to here) and I were going to learn how to make them from scratch. We were so excited as we scoured the internet for a good recipe. I remember she found one that looked so delicious but it had alcohol as one of the ingredients. Seeing as none of us drink, we had to skip over it but Cindy found another good one. We split costs for the ingredients and I bought the minced meat at a local butcher on the way to her home. 

(Here’s the one we ended up using. https://allkenyanrecipes.com/2014/01/12/sambusa-samosa/ )

When I got there, we went over the recipe again to confirm that we had everything we needed. We cooked up some ugali, sukuma wiki and eggs for a quick lunch then started our kitchen escapades for the day. We made the dough for the samosa pastry, boiled and fried the minced meat and begun the actual filling process.

First, our rolled out “chapati-like’ dough wasn’t round in shape…they were so shapeless! 🙂 Neither were all the ‘dough circles’ the same size. But we had to pull through. We were doing this through thick or thin pastry dough! 🙂 

I remember I wasn’t particularly good at folding the pastry into a triangular shape for the samosa pockets, but Cindy got the hang of it pretty quick. Hence we decided, she was the folder and I was the filler.

All this while, we were deep in discussion about anything and everything. I loved how we opened up to each other even while cooking. In vulnerability, we shared our current struggles, concerns, joys, hopes… We encouraged each other, shared what we were learning and unlearning, laughed over stories and caught up on the latest music we were loving.

And guys that’s literally where this idea came from. I told her, “You know what Cindinyo, I should have this as a new feature on my blog! You know I’m working on a new website yeah? So how cool would it be to include a new section where we can share what we learn in the kitchen? Like what we’ve just done today!

We then discussed how we would meet monthly (and invite more of our friends to join us while at it), try out new recipes together and in the midst of that, definitely discuss a principle or two on our faith or a topic we had questions on in Christianity. We would document our experience and open it for further discussion on the blog, with other young guys like us, who are growing in both their faith and culinary skills as well. Basically, it like a Bible Study but, in the kitchen!

The name TASTE AND SEE came to me a few days later and Bilha, my twinnie and aunt (she’ll be so happy I said this) suggested Taste and See by Travis Greene to be our anthem!

Thanking Cindy, for she has left a mark, first because of her pyramid and cone-shaped samosas that day …hehe…but mostly, because of the cooking date we had where this idea was birthed , for many more can be inspired to indeed, taste and see that the Lord is good.

So stay tuned guys. Every 4th Friday of the month I will upload a new Taste and See episode! (Though this month I’ll upload it this Sunday, 24th June 2018)

My heart leaps with joy over what God is going to do through this.

Solus Christus.

Here’s a little teaser of what is to come this Sunday! Video by Njeri Njaggah.